Do You Know The Real Threats to Your Networks

-Viruses -Hackers
-Lack of a Back Up Plan -System Crashes

With A Network Security Audit:

We will come to your place of business and perform the audit by interviewing you and inspecting some of your equipment and software. Depending on the size of your network the audit will take between 30 mintues and 2 hours.

We will check to see if you have the proper equipment, software and procedures to protect your computer network and systems from threats of hackers, viruses, hardware or software failure or simple mistakes by users.

We can scan your network for security holes that can or may already have been exploited. All scans will be passive, meaning we will simply check for the possible existence of security holes - we will NOT attempt to exploit the security holes.

System inspections and network scans will only be conducted with your permission after we have explained to you exactly what we are looking and scanning for.

What You Will Receive:

After the audit is complete we will provide you with a report detailing what we found. We will include a corrective action plan to fix any problems or holes we find. We will NOT make any changes to your systems or network during the audit.

After you have reviewed the corrective action plan you may implement it yourself, have us assist you with the implementation or have another party work on it.

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